Monday, 4 January 2016

The Tree Project

Big dreams and baby trees makes for a growing combination. Ken Sommerfield, board member of the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail Association, has a dream to create a canopy of trees all along the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail. This summer Ken took the first steps towards making his dream a reality.

A canopy of trees? That’s a lot of trees! So you may ask yourself, where are we going to get that many trees? Ken received a $15,000 grant from Manitoba Hydro through their Forest Enhancement Program to buy trees that will be planted along the trail. The grant allowed for 50 trees to be purchased from T & T Seeds in Headingley, MB. This summer T & T Seeds assisted with the tree planting and also provided a very generous donation of Saskatoon bushes to plant along the trail.

The types of trees planted included Green Ash, Basswood/Linden, Silver Maple, Manitoba Maple, Paper Birch, Hybrid Poplar and Rescue Apple/Crab Apple. These are hardy species that thrive in our climate.The trees will provide additional shade, wind protection, colour and beauty along the trail. They will also attract more birds and wildlife.

Ken also reached out to the Manitoba Forestry Association and acquired 100 saplings that will be planted in pots and nurtured by volunteers over the next two years until they are strong enough to be planted along the trail.

A big thanks and shout out to Ken! Great job!

The trees were planted West of the Wescana St. trail head this past summer. Below are some pictures of the big day!

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