Wednesday, 11 February 2015

An Ode to the Grand Trunk Trail

There is much to see, if you care to be, on the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail,
In seasons all, including fall, along the path you’ll sail.
You’ll see the trees, and bumblebees, the birds, and often deer,
Just look around, with ear to the ground, and such sounds you will surely hear.

The sound of a train, no need to strain, to the south there will be a blast,
Just close your eyes, to your surprise, there’ll be whistles from the distant past.
In the early spring, it’s quite a thing, to hike to Beaudry Park,
The birds are back, some joyfully quack, and we hear the meadowlark.

Now back to the sights, in the glimmering lights, what else is on the trail?
There’s fox about, and the odd coyote, and we’ve even seen a quail.
The frogs are in love with the trail above, of spring they are such a sign,
But caution make, if the hike you take, is close to our porcupine.

The legends abound, if you scout around, on the good ol’ Grand Trunk Trail,
And they’re all quite true, so we know that you, will learn them without fail.
A wizard lives, and his wisdom gives, on the trail to passersby,
He’s always there, approach with care, note the twinkle in his eye.

It’s cold these days, but the sun’s warm rays, keep us cheerful as we hike,
Get out on the trail, you’ll not be pale, the beauty out there you’ll like.
It’s great to go, across the snow, with a smiling, happy dog,
Who loves the trail, and wags his tail, and sends this to Marley’s blog.

K.W. Gompf
January 11, 2015

Composed on a cold January day in Headingley-–with apologies to Robert W. Service, author of ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’.

January  11, 2015.  Diggy enjoying the HGTT hydrant at Breezy Bend, only minus 25 C.
Note what a difference a year makes.  Last winter the hydrant was almost covered with snow.

Winter of 2013-2014. Hydrant almost buried. Awkward usage for dogs.

Winter of 2013-2014.  Lots of snow on the HGTT.

Hutton dogs Boxing Day 2014.  Not much snow compared to last winter.

Huttons and dogs on the HGTT Boxing Day 2014.

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