Monday, 9 February 2015

Crossing the Gap - Part 1

To expand the HGTT westward in keeping with the original Grand Trunk Pacific Railway’s objectives, the HGTTA met with Manitoba Conversation to discuss the construction of a footbridge in Beaudry Park to allow the trail to extend into the Park. The idea was a small bridge, or crossing to allow access from the trail and the eastern Park trails, to the main trail network within the Park.
Unfortunately, due to concerns with floodwater levels, impact on the stream, and other licensing concerns, this idea did not move ahead until recently…
A new idea has been put forward to construct a foot bridge over the Beaudry Creek at the original timber railway bridge crossing. Most of the original timber pilings remain in place, and a new bridge would be well above flood waters all year.

This idea was again presented to Manitoba Conversation, who is going to revisit impact on the stream, and other licensing issues. In the meantime, we are working on developing a cost estimate for the bridge, a preliminary design, and a schedule.

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